Mould Eradication Kit

A full multipurpose kit providing everything you need to deal with mould problems. Comes supplied with cleaning agent, all equipment and paint additives to treat and clean mould issues in domestic properties.


MCS1 Mould Clear Concentrate

Supplied as a 5X concentrate, this product is designed to provide an initial wash/ sterilisation treatment to remove and kill mould spores and surface growths on painted or papered surfaces.


MCS3 Fungicidal Additive

Fungicidal Additive is a high quality additive for adding to emulsion paint prior to repainting to prevent future mould growth.


Anti Condensation Coating

A high quality coating recommended for use on areas not subject to abrasion or washing. Typically this means ceilings, underside of roofing sheets, ducting, steel building frames, pipework and inside cupboards.

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