Wykabor Wood Preservative

Wykabor Wood Preservative is a water soluble wood preservative based on disodium octaborate (‘Boron’) particularly suitable for treating window/door joinery and exterior timber cladding to prevent fungal decay in service (when protected by paint or other coating).


Wykabor 10 Cut End

Wykabor 10 Cut End is a tinted preservative for use on the exposed areas of pretreated timber after cross cutting, notching or drilling. Suitable for all timber species, it ensures the durability of the treated timber against insect and fungal attack. Suitable for interior or exterior use.


Wolsit KD20

Wood preservative for industrial use against wood destroying fungi and insects on internal and external structural timber without ground and water contact, in particular for roof trusses, joinery and construction timber.



Diffusit® is a high performance wood preservative based on boron salts used for the pretreatment construction timbers. Solvent free and utilising inorganic borates, Diffusit® gives excellent durability to softwoods in use classes 1, 2 & 3.

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