As a third generation pest controller, I am very proud of the vast knowledge and experience I have gained over the last 30 years working at the forefront of the pest control and property care business. My grandfather worked in the pest control industry after the second world war and quickly discovered there was plenty of demand for this service. My father, after serving with the Merchant Navy around the world, was encouraged to join Rentokil in 1966, he quickly rose through the ranks to become the youngest managing director of the group for Ireland and Portugal, where he ran one of the most successful pest control divisions for over 35 years.

Having grown up with this industry, I can remember as a child, my father taking me down to Dublin Port and Docks to show me how a ship was prepared for a large fumigation. I was fascinated at the scale of the operation and the detailed planning from the pest control staff. As we sat with the captain in the map room discussing the final arrangements and signing the job agreement contracts, I realised the knowledge and expertise required for this specialised work was vast, and I knew this was the career for me.

After working for the largest pest control company in the world for 14 years, working my way up from service technician to senior service, surveyor and then sales supervisor, I decided to set up Principal Pest Control and Environmental Services in 1999. I have grown the business from a small company to a medium sized company servicing some of the largest organisations in the country.


Servicing hundreds of contracts from the largest hospitals in Europe to the corner bakery next door, we provide a quality service to all. Principal are a young and energetic firm with a mission to grow. Last year the company grew by over 14%, this has been achieved by competitive pricing and the establishment of quality pest control management systems. This year we forecast to grow by 20%, taking on additional staff and building upon the model which has become so successful.

Principal delivers comprehensive pest management programs and services to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage processing, hospitality, education and government, retail, commercial food service.

Our staff are all properly trained and carry years of field experience. Our company is a full member of the IPCA and we are an ISO 9001 registered firm.


Ireland and Northern Ireland are UK partners. Hygiene Zone are a pest control company based in Banbridge, Co. Down who use the same products and systems we apply, they are also an accredited training centre with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

For more information about Principal Environmental Services please do not hesitate to contact us.