• Rat control and preventionRAT CONTROL & PREVENTION

    Rats are a major risk to our health and up to 60% carry disease. Our 24/7 call answering service will insure there is always a person to handle any problem you are having with rats swiftly and professionally.

  • Mice control and preventionMICE CONTROL & PREVENTION

    Mice like rats are capable of reproducing at a very young age. A mouse can have up to eight litres a year with between eight to twelve offspring every six weeks.

  • Fly control and preventionFLY CONTROL & PREVENTION

    Principal Environmental identifies the importance of fly control / prevention in ensuring the highest pest control standards for all industries from hospitality to health care.

  • Wasp control and preventionWASP CONTROL & PREVENTION

    Wasps can often be the most annoying and potentially harmful of all pests. With their ability to sting and also work in numbers they can create a very unpleasant disturbance.

  • Ant control and preventionANT CONTROL & PREVENTION

    We offer customers a fast and effective form of ant control treatments to rid a premises of facility from the eyesore caused by ants. Not only are they uneasy on the eye, ants can contaminate food.

  • Cockroach control and preventionCOCKROACH CONTROL & PREVENTION

    Principal Environmental conduct surveys to establish the true extent of cockroach infestations, a systematic, integrated approach to cockroach control is recommended to eliminate cockroaches.

  • Bedbug control and preventionBEDBUG CONTROL & PREVENTION

    There has been a large increase in the number of bed bug related calls coming through our office, especially from businesses such as guest houses, B & B’s and hotels, and domestic enquiries.

  • Bird control and preventionBIRD CONTROL & PREVENTION

    Principal Environmental provide one of the largest ranges of bird control systems in Ireland and Northern Ireland, call one of our branches to arrange a free site survey to see which system best suits your needs.