Wasps can often be the most annoying and potentially harmful of all pests. With their ability to sting and also work in numbers they can create a very unpleasant disturbance domestically and commercially.

Often it can be possible to identify where a wasps nest is located. For example, in under the eaves of a house or in a vent, it may be possible to monitor from a safe distance the wasps entering in and out or hovering around one of these areas.

If you spot a wasps nests at home or in the work place, do not approach or try to disturb a live nest as a fully developed wasp nest can contain several hundred wasps or more. The best approach is to contact Principal Environmental head office on 01 493 9007 to arrange for one of our technicians to call out, assess the problem and decide on the best form of treatment when on site.

Bees are protected and with that in mind we have number of bee keepers who will happily remove any hives for you.


For expert advice on wasp control / wasp nest removal, or to discuss putting a pest control management system in place for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.