Principal Environmental identifies the importance of fly control/prevention in ensuring the highest pest control standards for industries such as: hospitality, health care, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. A fly free environment is imperative in these industries. A fly infestation can be damaging to a business and become a severe nuisance as well as creating an unhealthy and unhygienic environment for customers and employees alike.


  • In recommending a combination of physical and chemical control methods, it is widely recognised that proofing against fly entry is seldom 100% successful. Caulking around window frames and sealing other entry points can contribute greatly to fly control.
  • Cover up waste bins.
  • Clean drawers and gullies frequently, particularly around kitchens to remove organic material.
  • Windows and doors should be proofed with fly screen windows and fly screen doors.
  • Residual insecticide spray treatment may be used on walls and surfaces where large numbers of adults may rest. This is effective when dealing with blue bottles, blow flies and house flies.
  • Knockdown space sprays, using natural Pyrethrin or non-residual pyrelhroid mixtures can achieve spectacular short term results against fly problems, but in many situations the adults killed are quickly replaced by emergent adults.


  • Spread disease.
  • Contaminate food and production lines.
  • Create nuisance
  • Large aggregations of flies can produce a sickly smell
  • Gives a bad impression to customers and employees.


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